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25 years of experience serving the Stantonville area is a testament to our commitment to quality logging services. We guarantee each of our customer's property will be beautiful and ready to flourish after each harvest.


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We'll give you a fair price on your timber and take care of all your logging needs. Call today.

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Don't get shortchanged out of your cut for your premium quality timber. We will pay by percentage during timber harvesting or even pay upfront before timber is harvested. Don't wait. Call today for your free estimate.

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As a certified master logger, we know the best process for any job. We'll take care of all your needs for your forest 10 acres or more. Our wide array of services include clear cut, select cut, pine thinning, and replanting for the next harvest. Visit today.

With Randy Elliott Logging Services, Inc., you'll never have to worry about damage to your property or getting a fair price. We complete every job with care and integrity.

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We take care of all your timber needs and provide you a forrest for tomorrow.

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